September 22nd, 2005

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Urine Smell

My urine smells, simply put. Not like a normal urine smell, and it's not from holding it (my hubbie's pee always reeks because he only goes about twice a day, ugh). I pee about once an hour due to the amount of water, diet sodas, and coffee I drink to stay full. But somedays it smells kind of musty, I guess, would be the word... Okay, now the kicker (and please don't spaz): I have been taking two Epherdrine pills in the mornings and one at lunch to hold off hunger (no, I'm not suggesting it, just getting all the info out there). I drink about 3 pots of coffee every day, and that's just from 7 AM to 9 AM (when I am teaching my first three classes). Could the smell be due to coffee or the diet pills? Anyone else experience this?? (Either from coffee, pills, vitamins, whatever.)

I doubt it's a kidney infection or a UTI because I have had some bad ones before and it doesn't hurt to pee. The urine isn't cloudy, most of the time it's very light yellow, if not clear. Fasting/restricting/binging and purging doesn't change this.
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Community Question:
If you could eat whatever you wanted, and not gain weight, do you think you'd still have an ED?

I am ED-NOS now that my period is back and I purge when I am not fasting... I often wonder if I would eat whatever I wanted if I couldn't gain weight from it. Before February, I would have said yes. I had a bad body image and disordered thoughts about food, etc, before, because I was a 'recreational bulimic' for years... Then the trigger, my 26th birthday, and I start the obsessive thoughts of weight, food, etc. My point: I don't know if I'll ever be able to just eat without thinking about calories again, and I think if I stayed at this weight, I wouldn't be able to either. I've gained and lost the same five pounds since starting therapy, and I've gone back to eating dinners like before, with even a dessert, but I always make up for it with no lunches, breakfasts, purging, and exercise. I bet I make no sense. Simply put, yes, I think I would still have the mental ED for sure... That said, I often think, what if I was my 'dream weight' of 103 at 5'9.5" and could eat anything... I don't know about that one.

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I'm going to a college fair next week, and I'm really interested in becoming a nutritionist/dietician. Can anyone give me some colleges that have a good program for that, or specialize in it? There will be so many people and so many colleges I want to know what ones I should visit. Thanks a bunch!

Also: I feel kind of stupid asking this... what's the difference between OP & IP?

research report

For writing class, we were told to do a short research project on "something that effects humans". I decided I want to research eating disorders. But more specifically, I`d like to chose 1 to research, and I can`t decide which. Should I go for the more commonly known bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa, go for a less common one such as NES, explain how overeating or binge eating are disorders too, or try to explain EDN0S .. I can`t decide.

Does anyone have suggestions of what I should chose ? I know I`ll be using this community a lot for references.

Thank you. =]
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Friends with disorders

Hi everyone :) I'm extremely nervous about a friend of mine, who I've always thought displayed eating disorder tendencies. She's gorgeous, and she's curvy, but she wears her weight well. Today, we were talking at lunch, and she told me that she had been throwing up her food a while back. I was in shock; I didn't know what exactly to say. I didn't immediately berate her, because that never solved anything for me. I just told her that she was beautiful the way she is, and that being skinny is so unfulfilling once you reach it. It's like Christmas for me-- you spend the whole year waiting for it, and you finally hit that fateful day-- and that's it. Over, and you're like "was this even what I wanted?" I just tried to be as supportive as I could have been, but I felt like there was something that I should have said, and I didn't know what it was. I just wish someone could have said something to me that would have stopped me, you know? Also, I worry that she'll think I'm being "condescending", just because I -am- skinny, and like I don't understand.

What I mean to ask is, if someone said something differently to you while you were in the developing stages of your eating disorder, do you think you might have not slipped into your eating disorder as much as you did? Is there anything I can do to help this friend stop from developing a disorder, or at least help her through it?

Thanks, everyone.