September 24th, 2005


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I have a question (I checked the memories like a good girl, and tried google but couldn't find anything reliable): I have heard things about regular purging increasing your chances of getting cancer in your stomach or esophagus. Is this true? Does it simply raise the likelihood, or can it actually induce it? What are the symptoms (of the cancer)?


Is the season (or series?) of starved over?

Last week's episode ended kind of like it was the last one. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but looking back, that's kind of the impression it gave, and this thursday the show wasn't on. *shrug* Just wondering.

also, to make this post more ed-related, do you think that the last part was realistic? I, for one, have binges in real life, so I can see that part being true, but I've never smashed my scale before. It just seemed like they were trying to say he was going to recover, but if you ask me, you can't just break your scale and start eating brownies and say you're in recovery. it takes more than that, in my opionion. but i dunno. :P