September 26th, 2005

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Culture/Race-related EDs - Asian focus (add to memories)

I live in a very multicultural city just outside of Toronto; specifically, I share my community with a large amount of middle-class, Middle Eastern people. I have been noticing that a large number of teenage Middle Eastern girls are getting skinnier and skinnier, looking practically emaciated. I never saw this before, and so I wondered what could be triggering this?

1. Could it be religious? Some people might practise Buddhism and their diets may be vegan or pure, for example. Yoga is another factor to look at.

2. Could it be cultural? Are these girls becoming white-washed easily, or is it something else? What about the roles of men, fashion, or Bollywood?

3. Could it be an issue of self-esteem? Self-esteem is a huge factor in any eating disorder, but what is causing this low self-esteem?

Here are some random facts which may have answered some of my own questions, but I'd like to hear personal experiences from non-white girls or boys, or people who have grown up in non-Western countries.

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Maybe not totally on topic, delete if necessary.

Reading some of the comments made me feel sick, people just have no clue about eating disorders which poses the question: why not?

Do you think if people were educated about eating disorders as part of the curriculum/health class it would change the perception of EDs both generally and in the media? Do you think if such classes were available they could prevent someone developing an eating disorder?

EDIT: From what I've gathered from your comments the general consensus is that such classes wouldn't work, because most people just ignore them anyway. In America some schools/states do cover them in health class, but I know that in Britain we don't even have "health class" as such; sex and drugs are as far as they go around here.

Anyway, thank you for your input on this, it was interesting. :)