October 2nd, 2005

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Clarification of anorexia

Is someone anorexic if they have all of the physical symptoms of anorexia, but not the mental ones?
IE: Low BMI, hair loss, etc.


Is someone anorexic if they have all the mental symptoms of anorexia, but not the physical ones?
IE: Fear of food, strange rituals/calorie counting, self-starvation.
  • allzy

High-Protein/Iron Foods

Hello everyone. As I've slowly begun to progress towards recovery (though I'm moving so slowly that sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm recovering at all :S) I've realized that I almost feel even worse lately, even though I'm eating around ~1200 calories a day, compared to a few month's ago's 200-600. I've been tracking what I've been eating and I've noticed I've been eating almost no protein. Maybe 20g a day -- no wonder I've been feeling awful.

I've been getting massive headaches (very light-sensitive ones) and general lethargy, which I've seen are symptoms of lack of protein in your daily diet. Well, besides the obvious slab of meat, what are some other sources of protein? Mr. Google is not being nice to me, and honestly, my eyes are killing me too much to really pore through the memories. Nothing I found completely pertained to this topic.

I've also been wondering if I've been feeling lethargic due to a lack of iron, as I've been tracking my vitamins too and I haven't nearly been getting enough. If anyone could let me know of some high protein / high iron foods, that would be wonderful. Thanks and I really hope my glazed-over eyes didn't pass over a post similar to this in the memories :)