October 3rd, 2005


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I've just updated with two extracts regarding medication and eating disorders. I've lost my glasses so it's really straining my eyes to read and type anymore but tomorrow night I'll update again with Mood Stabilisers and Antianxiety Medications.

I hope you found some of it helpful and on a side not, there could be spelling errors in it and if it bothers you, comment and tell me. It's written in UK/NZ/AU english as opposed to US english.


More information about rumination

I was really intrigued by reading about rumination syndrome, described in this post regarding less
common eating disorders. I recently came across a whole wealth of information on the syndrome
in the book Spook by Mary Roach, and I found it enchantingly revolting. So if anyone else
was curious, here is a bunch of information about it.
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