October 4th, 2005


rumination purging and bulimia

I looked through the bulimia memories and I didn't notice any obvious entries that have to do with the subject I want to inquire about. So...

After reading the recent entry on rumination and the post-dated entry that it links to, I became curious as to whether it would be considered a bulimic activity to purge the way a ruminater does (what I interpreted as a gentle purging using the stomache muscles to bring up small amounts of food at a time in which the food doesn't retain an acidic taste) and to have all the other bulimic tendencies as well (binging, negative feelings, etc.).

I hope that I was clear. And sorry if I didn't understand the rumination purging right, there might be two topics of discussion here: how a ruminater purges, and if the purging I described could be linked to bulimia.


I have been reading posts about Night Eating Disorder and I found that the criteria is very similar to my behavior except for one thing: "Has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Wakes frequently and then often eats."

I was curious whether it's an "all or nothing" thing? I often dont eat until about 4pm and I try to not eat during dinner but as it gets later in the night, I eat a lot of food!

I was also wondering if Bulimia and NES could ever overlap. Like if I do eat a lot during the day or night, I will purge it. But would one have NES only if you overeat at night?
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Normal Eating: A definition - Meal planning, Mechanical Eating and Strategies (Article)

This post could be a follow-up to this discussion on normal eating.

Below is an article that my dietitian forwarded to me that may be useful to some of you in recovery or seeking to recover. The article also outlines strategies for how to eat normally - not all of which I agree with, but can work for some people.

I typed this up for you guys instead of typing up my essay, hah. Please add to memories.

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