November 3rd, 2005


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What's it like to be orthorexic? I know what orthorexia means, as a definition, but I'd like to learn how it affects your everyday life, concretely.

Also, how can people let themselves die of orthorexia? More specifically, if a person is health-obsessed, would they not compulsively eat the required amount of calories as well? (I realize this is probably a most ignorant question; I don't mean any offence by it.)

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I feel as though I'm not struggling as badly as some of the people in this community, and that I'm just a shame. It's another thing I've failed. I feel as though nothing comes without suffering. When something comes along and there's no struggle, I have trouble accepting it.

Half of me wants help. I can't stand being like this. But the other half is just calling me a crybaby and I'm not really suffering like some of you.

Does anyone feel the same?
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