December 23rd, 2005

My first post! Even though I've been a member for 7 months!

I've noticed several recent entries are those dealing with young children/body image/parental influence. If you plan on having children how do you think your eating disorder will/will not affect your parenting styles with regards to eating. If your child became overweight at the age of 3, what would you do? What if they became overweight at any age? (I don't mean obese and at risk for serious health problems, but just an extra 10-15 pounds) If you already are a parent, has your eating disorder had an impact on their eating habits? Please feel free to elaborate on the question if you think it is too vague.


Alot of people go home for the holidays or just have family around in general. What kind of impact does it have on your mental stability and eating habits in general? Does it make you more stable, less, more likely to pull out or recovery(if you're currently in), etc?

*Personally*-I tend to put on alot of weight, everyone is watching me like a hawk, feeding me, poking my body and wondering why im sitting in the corner and glaring at the pudding and mashed'tatos(yeah thats how we say it in Missouri). Its easier to eat and worry about the 12 pounds I put on in the month of Thanksgiving-Christmas than deal with my families b/s.