January 15th, 2006

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EDs and sex

What effects, if any, has your eating disorder had on your sexual relationships, or attitudes towards sex? I've left this deliberately a little vague - please interpret it as you wish. Mods, if this is a banned topic, please let me know.
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If I was, for instance, to eat 1000 more calories than I 'need' per day, how much of this is actually weight gain? (aka, if 1 lb is 3500cal, 1kg(2.2lbs) is 7700) as I have read that up to as much as 1/3 of this is burned due to increased heat loss.

Also, if I am a bmi of 14.5-15.5 for a period of a few years (after a loss of 20lbs, and a 2-3 months 'starvation' period, despite having maintained it, if one I to automatically start eating eg 1000 calories than I need (god forbid 3000) would I gain straight away? Or would my body respond by quickly burning it all up because it 'needs' this extra weight?

A few more curiosity questions?
1. If you have been hospitalised, and live in Australia, what was your admission bmi?
2. What was your 'target' bmi?
3. What do 'they' feed you?

If you haven't guessed, I'm considering trialing 3000 just out of curiosity to see how it goes & how much I'd gain, and secretly because the idea of 'getting to eat' that much food excites me. My poor parents. I must cost so much money with my special foods.
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