January 18th, 2006

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Have you ever had an "ED buddy"? Someone in real life who you've shared your eating disorder with, perhaps purged or fasted with? Have you ever tried to "compete" with anyone you've known with regards to disordered eating?

I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this...just occurred to me that whilst there are a lot of online groups where ED sufferers gather, it seems rare that I read about someone with a real-life friend who has an ED. Please share any experiences you've had. :)
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1. I used to be maintaining on 1600 (for over 2 years, at a bmi of 14.5-15.5), then I lost & went up to 2000 3.5 months ago and have still be maintaining.
2. I'm waiting to get taller.
3. Genetically I am small boned and currently 5'3. Everyone in my family on both sides is taller.
4. My highest BMI was 18.5 at age 14 (I'm 17) and that was teenage puppy fat
5. I've started gradually increasing.
6. I don't really want to gain, but gradually increase metabolism to grow taller
7. I currently take the pill
8. I exercise moderately (eg brisk walking, dancing) for 1 hr a day, the rest of my day is fairly sedentary, yet I don't watch much television.

1. If I am 'gradually increasing' to 3000 (for no longer than one month), via often should I increase? eg, I have started to have 2 cups instead 1.25 cups of cereal: how long should I continue that before adding the next thing.
2. What was your lowest bmi, before hospitalization (if hospitalized)?
3. Has anyone experienced constipation on the antidepressant 'celapram'? Currently I take 20mg

Thanks for any help!

comical binging?

i was having dinner last night with some friends and their friends. we started talking about nutrition-related items because one of the guys was a triathelete (we'll cal him jay). the topics went from protein supplements to different kinds of diets (of the non-restrictive kind -- diets meaning what kinds of food you eat)... jay said that he felt you just need to experiment with food and find what works for you. he flat-out said he's had an eating disorder, too.

but then, the conversation turned to binging. jay was talking about eating pot brownies for the first time and he ate way too many because he likes sweets too much. he said that once he tastes something sweet, there's like a switch in his brain that flips and he just can't stop eating. he said he could eat gallons of ice cream and pounds of chocolate without blinking an eye. so he just stays away from all sweets and sugary things because he know once he starts, he can't stop. he'll eat until he throws up.

everyone thought this was really funny.

but the humour was lost upon me.

have you ever encounted a situation like this? where people don't understand the severity of this kind of behavior? granted, jay didn't seem to be offended by his friend's laughing, but i'm sure he thought that they didn't realize just what a problem this can be.
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Ignorance? Or just stupidity?

Okay, I understand that many people misspell the word "bingeing" by spelling it binging (with no e). That's perfectly excusable. Human error. The word "bingeing" doesn't even look right.. but "binging" is wrong.

What is NOT acceptable is for a college textbook to spell it b-i-n-g-i-n-g. That's just wrong.

Also, this college text says that a characteristic for bulimics and binge eaters is drug abuse. It states that it is not a characteristic with anorexia. I beg to differ.

How unfortunate. College textbooks are enforcing ignorance.
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Nag, nag, nag.

Been a while.

Do you always have someone nagging you? Does it effect your eating patterns? If so, do they have ways of twisting your words, etc.? Whenever I'm at my father's, he constantly lectures me and bashes me for ANYTHING I could drop a glass and somehow I did that on purpose to anger him, or the subject transforms into, "you're selfish!"

But I haven't been to my father's in almost three weeks, during such time it seems the intensity of my ED has dropped. I still think about food quite a bit, but I can eat something and not feel guilty about it.

Edit: Another question that's been on my mind. What are some brain abnormalities in eating disorders?