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This community is mentioned on Wikipedia: in an article about pro-ana in the section entitled "Pro-ana and LiveJournal."

"The communities have also gained a response among "anti-pro-ana" anorexics who have started communities such as Ed_ucate, a play on the common shorthand for eating disorder, ED. The purpose of these communities is to inform pro-anas about their choice and encourage anorexics to make informed decisions and not spread misinformation. The main focus is on accurate self-diagnosis using the DSM-IV criteria. Many pro-anas are told that they do not have anorexia, but ED-NOS, because their BMI is not low enough to meet the criteria for anorexia. Others are encouraged to go into recovery."

Do you think the article as a whole is an accurate representation of pro-ana, and how do you feel about ed_ucate being mentioned on it and being linked to at the bottom?

Apologies if this has been discussed before, I did look in the memories for it.
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My boyfriend asked me to ask this on his behalf.

Have any of you encountered a male ED sufferer, or read a significant number of male journals? He commented that the vast majority of sufferers appear to be female, and whilst I assured him that men can indeed develop eating disorders, he wonders what it is that makes women the main victims. Clearly it's not as simple as just media influences - do you think there is something in the mental makeup of a female that makes her more suscceptable to getting an ED?

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After reading a few entries and thinking about my own past relationships, I began to wonder:How many of us have been in relationships with someone else who had an eating disorder?. Did you know before hand? How did it effect the relationship?

My own experiance; I have dated a Bulimic and an Anorexic(both are still active, despite their denial). I was unaware at first, but I found they sought me out to "help me with my disorder"(instead of helping themselves) and tended to be rather loud about sitting me down and almost force feeding me(while being hypocritical and not themselves).
Experiances? Good, Bad?
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Hi. I'm new. I think too much (or too little, whatever). This in no way reflects my religious views...seeing as how the most religious expirence I've ever had was a concert... Also, I use the term "God" loosely.

In Hinduism, the most popular god is Shiva, the god of Destruction. It is said that when the world becomes too saturated with evil, Shiva will descend from his home atop Mount Kaliash, and preform a dance that will destroy everything that is evil so that the good and sinless can be created and florish.

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Starvation, eventually leads to the destruction of the body. In many religious organizations, starvation (fasting) is considered one of the most sacred ways to worship. For when one starves themselves,  they are better able to concentrate on religious values, human existance, and their relationship with the world. Many religions also see starvation as a method of purification which causes the devotee to have a closer expirence with God.

Many girls who I see in communities starve themselves because they want to "look" better. However, many are never satisified with the way they look no matter how thin they become. Could it be that they are not trying to shed their flesh because of society, not to look better, but to be better? Is this a crude attempt to become closer with God, to purge themselves of their personal feelings of sin?

Or maybe I'm just trying to apply my rationale to the whole of society which is wrong of me. But it seems that when people literly try to get to their bones, they are no longer searching for feminine beauty. Feminine beauty has always essentially encorporated curves and softness as a desirable trait. That is why in many men's magazines, big breast and full (but not fat) thighs are usually in demand.

What do you think?

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