January 30th, 2006

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The morals of diagnosis

Do you think current diagnosis critera for eating disorders actually helps to encourage illnesses? It occurred to me recently that certain very specific criteria don't reflect a sufferer's early stages of an eating disorder and may encourage them to start fulfilling these criteria in order to be properly diagnosed with a "real" ED. For example, I checked the Anorexia criteria in the Memories, and one requirement was that a female sufferer had to have missed 3 consecutive periods. What, because the starvation and malnutrition and general suffering that comes before then isn't worthy of attention or diagnosis? I realise that if the criteria were too relaxed, it would open the doors for countless wanas to jump around screaming "OMG LOOK I'M STARVIN MYSELF SO I MUST BE ANA!!ONEONE", but at the same time, some of the specifics of BMI and physical effects in diagnostic criteria don't seem to reflect the pain and suffering that someone goes through before they reach that stage. Also, having such specific criteria is surely bait for the obsessive ED sufferer - "look, the rules say I have to miss three periods and have such-and-such BMI, therefore I'm going to starve myself harder and get sucked even further into this disease in order to achieve the status of a TRUE sufferer".

Opinions? Thoughts? Care to rip me a new one? Hehe.
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Today I switched the channel to TRL to see Pink's new video "Stupid Girl". In it are many parodies such as Pink dressed up in the outfit Jessica Simpson wore in her video "These Boots Are Made For Walking", and seeming as if she was trying too hard to seem sexy while wasing a car. I thought the song and video were very amusing, but then Pink goes into the girls bathroom, and say's, I ate like 300 calories today. (edit) That's so not sexy. Then the girl by her takes a toothbrush and puts it down her throat, and the girl vomits into the sink. Pink says, oh good idea. The girl gives her the toothbrush, and Pink says I will be thin! before putting it down her own throat and vomiting into the sink.
I'm a bit annoyed. Yes, she was trying making fun of the way celebrities act, but the way this scene was done made me feel as if I was being made to seem like a bimbo; because the parody conatined characters who seemed just dumb. Perhaps it would've been better if the parady had been done a different way.

Well, anyone have any opinions?

just curious

Stemming from the previous post about wanting to work with eating disordered patients, for those of you who DO work with eating disordered patients and who have an ED yourself, a few questions:
does your employer know about your eating disorder?
and did this make it harder or easier to get a job??
For those of you who don't have an eating disorder, or don't work with ED patients, do you think having an ED would make it harder to get a job working with ED patients?
i am currently in nursing school and want to do my summer internship at a recovery center for ED patients, but I am scared to even apply given my current struggles with food and eating...
I am sure there is a more precise way to say all of this, but i am sleepy, please forgive my lack of conciseness...

I am thinking about drug/alcohol re-hab, and how often times those people who have gone through a program and are sober, get jobs at the recovery center that they went through.

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What do those of you without health insurance do when you have ED related health problems? I'm 21 and the constant purging, lack of calcium, and chew/spit habit have really messed up my teeth and I have constant pain in one particular tooth.. Something is definitely wrong with it because it hurts to brush there and even to drink on that side.

Please help!

Thanks also to everyone who responded about my joint pain/calcium deficiency post!

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File under activism

Hello EDucators,

So, the Students Health Association at my university is going to have an eating disorder table with information set out on March 22nd. I know this isn't during Eating Disorder Awareness Week, but it's at least something. Next year I am hoping to plan something bigger with more time.

Anyways, having said this, there's a huge, huge chance for me to put some information on this ED table. I was thinking of writing up a summary of this community to make people aware of its amazingness (heh), first of all, if that's okay by you guys.

Second, I was thinking of maybe printing some articles from the memories section and photocopying them for others to pick up. My question to you is...what articles/pieces of information do you think are most important that you would want other people to see, and have had an impact on your EDucation?

I haven't had the chance to go through the memories just yet, but there are some that stick out to me such as "Orthorexia: Good Diets Gone Bad".

I definitely need your input on this, guys. I cannot stress it enough. Thank you.