February 5th, 2006



News article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20060203/ts_alt_afp/afplifestylefoodamfoot_060203190928

"Americans will embark on a waistband busting orgy of snack attacks during the Sunday's Super Bowl showdown, pounding down 27 billion calories and 1.8 billion grams of fat."

How do you feel about events like this? Do you lump it into the "holidays people overeat at" group, or view it differently? How do you feel about these facts?

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I was just reading through an old teen magazine (January edition of 'Dolly', if you really must know) and it had an article in their 'Body Confidence Club' section about the average heights/weights of teenage girls in different countries. I thought you might be interested. I don't have a scanner but I have typed up the figures.

Australia - 164.3cms, 63kgs
USA - 162.8cms, 61kgs
UK - 164.2cms, 58.9kgs
Japan - 157.9cms, 53.3kgs
India - 152.4cms, 36.8kgs

Australia - 5.39ft, 138.60lbs
USA - 5.34ft, 134.20lbs
UK - 5.39ft, 129.58lbs
Japan - 5.18ft, 117.26lbs
India - 5.00ft, 80.96lbs

And just out of curiosity I checked what this translated to in BMIs:
Australia - 23.3
USA - 23.0
UK - 21.8
Japan - 21.4
India - 15.8
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Have you ever thought that 'staying in the middle' is the safest?
eg - you are too scared and guilty to 'go back' and weigh less and eat a great deal less, but recovery and 'getting fatter' (keep in mind, many of us still perceive oursleves as fat' and eating what seems as an 'insane' and dirty, evil food isn't an option either? And so you remain at the lowest you can get away with, food and weight wise?


I did a quick search of the memories and I didn't see anything like this. Feel free to delete if it has already been discussed.

How do you feel about consuming water?

I find it difficult to drink water. I am afraid of retaining water and being bloated and, even though I know that drinking water prevents retention, this stops me from drinking it most of the time. I purposely dehydrate myself with caffiene and laxatives to make my stomach 'suck in.'

Any thoughts?
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