February 7th, 2006


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So, there's a new community out there called Pregnant Ana. At first glance, it made me a bit sick. I mean, you're supposed to gain weight when you're pregnant. However, for many women, pregnancy probably will not cure them of their eating disorder. Do you feel this community is morally right? On one hand, it advocates EDs during pregancy, but on the other, it provides information to maintain minimum weights for the mother to deliver a healthy baby and not gain as much as they might without the information. This could also keep someone who is pregnant from dipping below the minimum weight and causing harm to her child. Personally, I'm torn. What do you guys think?
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Woot! Broadsheet coverage!

We poor ED sufferers rarely get media coverage beyond women's glossy magazines, so imagine my surprise at chancing upon this article in the Sunday Herald. It's transcribed verbatim below.
It makes some fairly obvious points, but on the 'raising awareness' issue it's quite interesting. On that front...am I the only oe who didn't know that it's supposed to be Eating Disorder Awareness Week?
My immediate criticisms are using the word 'anorexics', and assuming that anorexia and bulimia are the only EDs in existence. I could go on, but I'll leave it to you guys.


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Minnesota Starvation Study

There's quite a bit to be said about the Minnesota Starvation Study (summary: http://jaoii.lunarpages.com/minn.html), but for now I have pretty much a single aspect of the study I want to hear from you guys on.

"[Some of the men collected] old books, unnecessary second-hand clothes, knick knacks, and other "junk." Often after making such purchases, which could be afforded only with sacrifice, the men would be puzzled as to why they had bought such more or less useless articles. (Keys et al., 1950, p. 837)"

Have any of you found odd shopping tendencies relating to non-grocery items?

[edit]: Any ideas on why this might be?
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so im going to try to rephrase this purely personal inquiry as a discussion question so that im not violating the rules...

this topic has not, to my knowledge, yet come under discussion- but virtual bitch-slaps will be accepted if i err.

i was wondering if there is some sort of trend in purging habits, where one purges and how, more specifically. i'd be interested to hear the specific steps of progression as opposed to, "well, purging was gross, and then i did it six times a day until my heart stopped and i died....". maybe find patterns? reasons for these specific patterns of progression?

explanation beneath the cut that probably registers far beyond the boundaries of simple "tmi"
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