February 10th, 2006


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So I realized yesterday that since I first became bulimic, I've never been literally sick. Like, with the stomach flu or anything. I looked for information on this on the internet, but couldn't really find anything that really pertained to what I'm interested in. So I turn the question to you guys: have you been curiously stomach-flu-ish-waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-puke-on-your-stomach's-own-accord free? Or is it just me being strange?

If it's not just me, any ideas on why?
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So! This is less of a real solid question, and more of me looking for a discussion.

As someone who went into puberty/began developing early (or at least, early at my school. Even at fifteen I'm still surrounded by little prepubescent girls) I remember even at eleven and twelve, before I started having truly eating disordered thoughts, thinking how much bigger was than everyone else around me. Not necessarily fatter (that came later e_e) but just so much bigger.

Those thoughts still persist, clearly, and I feel like that was definitely at least partly the beginning of things. I'm not saying having boobies before everyone else caused my ED, or messed up body image-- but it definitely at least planted that little seed of doubt. So, I'm just curious-- have any of you had that same experience? Or maybe totally different ones!

For those of you who started developing earlier, like me, do you feel like that in any way affected your thoughts about your body and eating? (Moreso than the normal insecurities that come with puberty, I mean) Do you feel like that fed your eating disorder at all? And for the people at the other end of the scale, who maybe started developing later-- same question! How, if at all, did it affect you?

I'm really curious about this, however, I'm not exactly blessed with the gift of coherency-- so pardon that! :X