February 12th, 2006


Does anyone get really angry about general ignorance regarding EDs? I realize that people can be misinformed, but I hate it when people make comments on something they don't understand. I would never, for example, say ANYTHING about treatment for people who are schitzophrenic. Why are EDs looked at differently?

I'm sick of hearing people say stuff like "Someone should take that person to the hospital"
Because it's NOT that easy. Eventually, even people who are hospitalized have to leave, and they still may struggle.
Because virtually all of the time, it's NOT about weight. It's not about just eating a sandwich, or whatever comments people make.

I also hate it when people comment on X celebrity about their weight saying how disgusting they look. Because these are the same people who assume that EDs are all about vanity and clearly someone who is sick has bigger issues than that. I equally have to take this moment to say that the Pink music video only adds to this frustration. Just don’t even comment on something that you don’t understand, especially if you have the type of forum to propagate false ideas about mental health. Argh!

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I have read about orthorexia on various medical sites, and I still don't really understand what it is. Could someone perhaps clarify with examples? How is it different from a vegan, macrobiotic, raw, or similar diet?

EDIT: I should probably clarify. Is the mental aspect the only differentiation between a very restrictive diet and orthorexia? Or is it the choice of food itself? Or is it the reasoning behind the choice, i.e. preferring the "purity" of vegan food as opposed to caring about animal rights?