March 6th, 2006


obesity & technology

in light of a few recent posts that i've seen, i thought it would be a good time to post this.

as i've previously mentioned, i'm an econ major. recently we discussed the american obesity epidemic from an economic perspective. it was really interesting and informative so i thought i would try to transmit the information to you guys somehow. our focus was an article by Cutler, Glaesar & Shapiro, titled 'why have Americans become more obese?'. the entire article can be found here. it is really lengthy so i couldn't post the entire thing. i am posting the introduction (it's slightly long but it sums up the paper really well) and a few quotes from the body of the study. the article itself isn't that hard to understand if you're really curious, and the tables/figures at the end are really interesting if you are as left-brained as i am. anything with caloric break-downs, right?

i know it may seem like too much information but i personally found it interesting; it EDUCATES. i always assumed the rise in obesity came from too much taco bell & huge portions & sitting around all day... i thought the last section on obesity & self-control was particularly good.

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Hi some of y'all knew me as oh__ophelia

I have a question for thoes of you who are bipolar. Do you find with bipolar "swings"(im going to use the term "peronsality" for each swing and I hope that doesnt offend anyone) that both of your "personalities" are SO different that one has an eating disorder and the other doesnt? I know that might sound odd, but for the past month i've been consuming and laughing and not calorie counting, but today I could feel the shift within myself and I suddenly feel disgusted and burdened by the 20 pounds i've put on while not caring(note:it was a month of not caring and I put on 24 pounds, before hand it was about 2 months of obsessive caring and I lost about 40).

I ask because; sometimes I feel really fucking wrong. Like "do I not have an eating disorder!?". I'll note i've been bulimic for eleven years and I am NOT medicated for my severe bipolar, I suppose im just now REALLY noticing how I am SO in it and then my other "personality" is so normal, laughing, care free about food and all its hells, but I tend to lean more twards drugs/alcohol with it. Maybe im just that naive, but to see no connection in each "personality", makes me question who I am.
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