March 7th, 2006

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Self Esteem Survey Results

Results of the self-esteem survey.*

Anorexia Nervosa:
Lowest score for AN = 0
Highest score for AN = 13
Average for AN = 5.4
Mode for AN = 3
Median for AN = 3
Total number of AN paticipants = 5
Observations: The highest score for AN was by a recovering anorexic who scored 5 points higher than the highest non-recovering anorexic. These results would be more accurate if more people with AN had filled the survey in.

Bulimia Nervosa:
Lowest score for BN = 0
Highest score for BN = 12
Average for BN = 6.2
Mode for BN = 3
Median for BN = 5,7
Total number of BN paticipants = 10
The greatest number of paticipants attempting recovery were those suffering from bulimia but still the recovering bulimics' scores were lower than most people attempting recovery and the highest score was not by someone attempting recovery.

Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified:
Lowest score for EDNOS = 1
Highest score for EDNOS = 26
Average for EDNOS = 9.9
Mode for EDNOS = 12
Median for EDNOS = 7,8
Total number of EDNOS paticipants = 28
Observations: This group had more paticipants scoring the lowest score than other sections (2 people scoring 1 versus 1 person scoring 0) and the scores were in two groups of low self-esteemed people and higher self esteemed people, there was a greater range of scores in this section which you would be more likely to see in AN and BN if more people were surveyed. The second highest score was from a paticipant attempting recovery.

Average of all ED sufferers = 8.1
Average of recovering ED sufferers = 9.1
Score of non-ED sufferer** = 24

*people who did not reply with what eating disorder they had were not included in the results

**only one non-ED sufferer was recorded.
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Just a friendly reminder to all of you Canadian viewers that the dark comedy Starved will be playing on Showcase at 10pm tomorrow (that's Wednesday). All I know about Showcase is that it's channel 39 in the Greater Toronto Area. More info can be found here.

Question: Was it taken off the air in the states, or did the season end?