March 15th, 2006

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*This question can apply to anyone, however sufferers who are younger may find it easier to answer

How do you see youself when you are older?

For me (I'm 17) I see myself recovered, in my 30's with kids, even though I can't even contemplate being well, or how to get from A to B
Does anyone know of any elderly women with eating disorders, who have never *really* recovered?

I thought this was interesting, seeing as while eating disorders are so prevalant in young women, do we ever hear of elderly women having eating disorders? No. My Mum (a district nurse) has a paitent who is in her 50's who has side-effects to the extreme due to a life full of anorexia... and tells me that that could be one day. Presumably, I am unsure of the statistic, but it isn't that high, many people with eating disorders (specifically anorexia) die, so what happens to the others? Not everyone recovers. So, how do you think you will 'end up'?
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Discussion: Fake therapy?

This is a question for current and former eating disorder sufferers concerning therapy. I know of many ED patients who are on anti-depressants or other drugs and have regular therapy with either a counsellor, psychologist and/or psychiatrist, yet they are not actually fighting towards recovery or haven't thought of the chance of an ED-less life. They could be in therapy for may reasons, family reassurance, mood stabilisation, forced recovery and many more. So here is my question:

Why are you in therapy? And if you are in therapy, are you actually fighting to recover from your eating disorder?