March 16th, 2006

who's out there?

Regarding hunger.

For those of you who restrict or fast (or, really, anyone-- it's just that this probably primarily affects people in this group) I have a question. What is your 'hungry' feeling like?

Er, that's not very eloquently or clearly put... But, yes, examples-- for me, I rarely if ever feel 'hungry' in the sense that a 'Normal Eater' might. No stomach growling or hunger pains-- and when I do, I can usually be satisfied with something as small as a few sips of water or some crackers. Even when I've had nothing for the whole day, I hardly ever feel actually 'hungry'. HOWEVER-- I do want food. This is kind of hard to explain-- it's like, more of a hungry brain feeling. After a period of fasting or restricting, I'll start to desire food even if I'm not physically hungry (although, I consider this seperate from an urge to 'cheat' or 'binge, because I feel like I should be hungry when it happens).

Well, I'm rambling-- but what are your experiences? Do you end up getting dizzy/weak? Do you actually have hunger pains? Or are there any people out there like me, for whom it seems to be more of a mental thing.
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i just stumbled across this website today, after reading about it in Nylon magazine. in reading the history section, it turns out that the artist began making this art as therapy for an eating disorder and her work now supports the National Eating Disorders Association. i find this to be a very inspiring and uplifting account of someone turning something awful into something beautiful.

anyway, i thought i'd share! here's a link to her website:
Spoon Fed Art

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