March 19th, 2006

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New type of therapy implementation?

I have been thinking about what the cause is of my bingeing and purging; what makes me do it every day and why I can't stop, no matter how much control I try to exert (tired of resisting), no matter how much vinegar I drink (hah), and no matter how much I try to distract myself (a skill I learned in conventional group therapy). I think it's because I'm home alone 75% of the time; that, and no one communicates in my household. Basically, I binge because I'm lonely and because nobody stops me.

So I was thinking that 95% of the time I'm with people, I don't binge. Having said that, wouldn't it be a good idea if there was a type of OPTIONAL outpatient group therapy where you eat together with other eating disordered individuals in attempts to eradicate your symptoms? You would bring your own food (in tupperware or take-out) and you would sit and eat togther as a symbol to support "normal eating". There would be therapists and social workers who would guide you through "appetite awareness" and "how to listen to your body" when it's hungry/full. No one is "forced" to finish their food, there is no tube-feeding, there are no "Ohmygod you're eating THAT?" comments, and so on.

This would be open to those who actually WANT to recover, and those who can eat in public without feeling shameful. I thought this idea up because although the skills I learned in group therapy are helpful, I seriously forget to look at my skills sheets half the time, and nothing is ever accomplished.

Do you think this idea would work, especially in a mixed ED group?
What types of problems might occur with this type of therapy, if any?
Does this idea actually exist anywhere in outpatient?


If anyone is interested the television show INTERVENTION on A&E has someone who is battling an eating disorder. If you are in the eastern time zone you've pretty much missed 10:00 show but it will be on again at 2:00 am. In other time zones I'd check your TV guide. I wouldn't mind any input about the show. I'm a little bit annoyed because I don't believe the girl meets the criteria for an anorexia diagnosis. I do believe she is bulimic. I feel like they think you can pick and chose what eating disorder you want rather than what one really do have. I not trying to be elitist or anything. I just don't like misinformation about eating disorders there is already enough out there. I would appreciate any input.