March 20th, 2006

Bite Me


I'm not sure if this is allowed; mods please delete if not.

Some time ago I remember there being a discussion (perhaps only in comments?) about the record lowest/heighest BMI. I've read through the memories and couldn't find any discussion fitting it. I'm mainly wondering what the lowest recorded BMI is.

My curiosity came from another board (which I help moderate) where someone posted their height/weight and it came out to a BMI that seemed impossible (8.4). This person was attempting to get 'sympathy' and other reactions from posting it. I can normally ignore the majority of such posts, however due to the audience this board is aimed at (young teens) I'm worried that such a possibly impossible number could stick in their heads. I want to find documented information so as to post a rebuttal in response.

I've also searched through google and found the record low as being 13.7. However, the study was old and not weight focused. So, does anyone know what I'm talking about or have any information as to what the lowest BMI is?