March 30th, 2006


(no subject)

I've taken some sort of diet pills for the past year.
Or.. caffiene pills. But most of the time, it's been a combination of the both.

My question is, what are the symptons of caffiene addiction?
I've been without the diet pills for a month.
Without the caffiene pills for 2 weeks.

I only feel as though I'm "craving" the effect of the caffiene pills, because without them I feel so sickly lately. Nauesous in the morning, I wake up between 7 & 10am and I don't feel "well" until about 1pm or so..

I drink caffienated products throughout the day, to help me focus, but it doesnt seem to help.

Any suggestions/ ideas how long the sickly feeling without the caffiene pills will last/ what I can do...?