April 13th, 2006


College Counselors?

I'm finding and making an appointment with one of my college's counselors tomorrow. At the beginning of the year, there was a short presentation about the counseling facilities and mention was made of an ED-specific counselor, who i will be trying to contact. Long story short: I don't feel particularly "ready" to start talking to a counselor about my ED [self-diagnosed bulimia], but it's the only reasonable option at this point so I'm going to do it.

My questions are these: Has anyone gone to a college/university counselor about their ED? What was the experience like for you? Any other relevant info you'd like to share?

Also, this will be my first time talking to a counselor [or anyone, really] about my ED'd behaviour. What was your first time talking about your ED with a counselor like? When seeing a counselor specifically about an ED, what can I expect? Any other relevant information?

Rather unrelated: This is my first post, so Hello, everyone!
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