April 30th, 2006



A series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep which are dissociated from the usual stream of consciousness of the waking state.  (Source: http://www.biology-online.org/dictionary/Dreams)

This page is really interesting about the science history of dreams but warning is v.long):


Every night I remember my dreams.  They are very vivid and the characters tend to be people I know, or people I haven't seen for years, but whom I would never usually think of.

Does anyone else remember their dreams on a regular basis?  
Do you think this has something to do with your ED?

I know EDs can disrupt sleep patterns and make you more or less fatigued (sorry I couldn't find a suitable link on this to validate)....but do you think may be an ED due to the fact they can cause chemical imbalances in the brain, exacerbates the REM process and heightens ones dream patterns?


first time with nutritionist

This is a question for anyone who has previously had an eating disorder and saw a nutrionist while well into recovery.

i've had cyclical eating disorders for the past four years and this past semester, I got help (saw a psychologist) and recovered mentally (i had "recovered" physically over the past summer).

I'm seeing a nutrionist mid-week for the first time and just wanted to know what to expect (i still religiously count calories- should i tell her that? should i also disclose my eating disorder history?) and ANY and ALL questions i should ask. My personal goal from the session is to know how many calories i should be eating and tips on not to emotionally eat or restrict (i still sometimes struggle with not letting myself restrict/ binge).

about me: I am a very health-conscious eater (ie- limited/no artificial foods and only eat unsaturated fats, a ton ton ton of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, beans, etc) and i do an hour of cardio (running, elliptical, walking or biking) in the morning six days a week. I think that's it.. ANY feedback would be great. thanks so much!!