May 3rd, 2006


Recovery- which aspect comes first?

For those of you who have recovered, or are in recovery- which came first for you, physical or mental recovery?

It seems that physical makes sense to come first, but in my own recovery I see that I am making huge steps mentally and although I eat quite a lot, physically haven't really gained much weight. I think my issue is just that I burn quite a lot calories per day because of being muscular/working out- but I was wondering if others had this issue as well.

So which do you think comes first? Do you think it would be more natural for one to come before the other? What are the mental impacts of one side coming first?


i'm doing a research paper for english class on censorhip (it's due tomorrow morning.. i'm a horrible procrastinator).. and i decided that i'm going to talk about pro-eating disorder website censorship.
i've been looking up articles on the internet.. and i was wondering if anyone can refer me to some scholary-esque sites?
basically, in a ten-page paper i'm going to talk about the pros and cons of pro-ed sites, etc.

oh, and if any of you guys have any insight, etc, that you would like to share, please do.

thanks a lot!

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Just a quick entry, below is a link to read an article from The Australian Cosmopolitan magasine which has refused to put photos of Nicole Richie in one of their recent magazines. 

The editor says Nicole is “flaunting her thinness brazenly and using the paparazzi to feed her unhealthy weight loss” (quoted on The Skinny Website).....follow this link to read the whole article.........I'm very impressed!

just click on the scanned document to view full size.

What do you think?