May 13th, 2006

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Endometriosis and IBS?

Do any of the eating-disordered individuals here also happen to have endometriosis? If so, how long have you known? Did you discover before or after your eating disorder developed? What eating disorder do you have? If you found out before the onset of your eating disorder, do you find that your eating disorder has made the pain worse, better? Are you on a special diet related to your endo, and if so, do you have trouble with it because of your eating disorder? How bad are your cramps on average?

What about IBS? Same questions apply.

If this isn't allowed, please tell me and I'll delete in a heartbeat. I'm EDNOS with endometriosis and possible IBS, so I'm wondering how other eating-disordered individuals are handling their endo/IBS. Personally, I'm not on any special diet, though I tend to avoid milk and soda more when I'm in pain because it makes the pain worse (not that I drink much soda; I only like orange soda, we rarely have it, and it's usually too many calories for me to want to regularly drink it).

Edit: No one else has endometriosis? That's kind of depressing...

Also, links for clarification: Endometriosis IBS
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Amazing article: Life After Diets

I encourage anybody who has lost weight and gained weight to read this article...NOW! Even if you don't have an ED. I am currently working with the woman who wrote it in treatment. It really highlights the fact that we use food to hide feelings and emotions and desires. The article is fairly short and to the point.

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