May 15th, 2006

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I'm a male in Washington state; their are no eating disorder clinics in this state anymore.

My current doctor, a eating disorder specialist, keeps threating me about IP care.

I've looked up information, i'd like to think, quite intensivley but can find no place that is a co-ed type hospital, or a male only hospital.

I keep finding IP hospitals only for females.

So my quesiton is this: Where would a male go for IP care, that is relativley close in the general area of Washington State?(currently, this question is non-specific and the type of eating disorder does not matter)


So how many of you take Prozac to help control bulimia?
What are your thoughts?

I'm just curious because I've just decided to give Prozac another go to try and supress the urge to binge. This is probably the fifth time i've taken Prozac. in the past I've never really given it a thorough shot - ie. miss tablets, binge/purge after taking pills so they have no effect, or stopped the course after a couple of weeks.

I suffer from terrible depression too.

But i've been on Prozac a week now, and have to say I have had a DRAMATIC improvement. From b/purging three-four times a day. This week I've cut binges. I have been sick - but after a proper meal, where I've given in eaten too much and HAD to purge. I've had no active binges (i.e deliberately binged). The desire to be sick has completely and utterly gone. This is utterly remarkable for me.

My depression has lifted. I've been visably happier this week.....
so is it all in the mind....or do you think Prozac actually works??