May 18th, 2006

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Pin and button junkies

How do you guys feel about wearing pins/buttons that are related to EDs? Like stuff that says "ED-UCATE" or "Eating disorders are not a choice" or NEDIC/NEDAW or something. Maybe even something like "Accept your current weight", something positive about body image/acceptance (just throwing out some ideas).

I have mixed feelings on this. For one, people would assume that I had a problem and I am trying to attract negative attention. Only ED people would wear such pins (correct me if I'm wrong, but it is difficult to "get it" unless you've been through it/are going through it). Second, I feel like it might be a fashion statement taken in the wrong direction, or misinterpreted, like those red "ana bracelets" (I don't know too much about these actually, and I assume they are not pro-recovery/education/support). Third, if I was recovered, would I still be wearing such a pin or would I try to "move on"?

On the other hand, it shows that you support recovery and education on such a huge problem. And I guess it is pretty important to make a statement about these issues. In addition, I think you'd have to be "prepared" to talk about why you're wearing such a statement.

I have no idea where I got this idea from. I guess I just see a lot of kids wearing pins these days, and it seems that a 1 inch piece of plastic can make a pretty large remark in today's world. Not that these pins can change the world or anything, but I think they encourage openness and discussion, yeah?

Would you wear one? Why/why not?

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I just joined, and looked over the posting criteria, and decided that I think this is okay. If it's not, I'm sure it will be removed as you guys seem pretty strict about posting. The issue I'm having is metabolism and I"m just curious if this has happened to anyone else, if it's even possible, or if i'm going crazy.

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