May 22nd, 2006


COE/anorexia cycle -- recovery stuff

I bought some books suggested by my therapist.

One is called Why Weight by Geneen Roth.

I do enjoy the book, I suppose, and, in theory, I do support the idea of not "dieting" and learning to trust your body.

I used to be anorexic. So I am not sure if I would have fewer of these negative responses if I'd always been an COE or had never been underweight and whatnot.

That said, when I am reading this book, I feel very angry. I am not sure why or at what or at who. I feel very defensive and hostile and I feel like crying.

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What Starsign are you?

Personally I am not a major astrology buff. However I am quite interested in astrology and know for example each starsign has different traits etc... For example I am a taurean and can be quite stubbon.

I also know Taureans can be obsessed with food, they are known for over-indulging. They can also be very lazy. I can relate to this.

I wonder if those suffering from an ED fall under the same starsigns? If you all don't mind, I thought it would be interesting to see if any starsign inparticular is more common (I tried to do a poll for ease, but do not have a paid account so it wasn't possible).

So if you post your starsign with perhaps a note as to whether you think your starsign has anything to do with your ED - in a week I will post the results!


I am so sorry I seem to have made a posting faux pas. This topic was indeed posted previously, thank you to all those who have pointed this out to me, I seemed to over-look it when I checked the memories.

This is the link to the post

I am so sorry sly_soprano and oh__ophelia for treading on your toes.

You can all see the outcome very professionally from that link.
It seems starsigns have absolutely no effect on ED behaviours.
However, thank you for those who have replied and I will compile again the stats and post next week. :)
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I was lurking around trying to find some eating disorder communities on livejournal the other day. Unfortunately, you find a lot of pro-ana garb in between when you do this, and unfortunately, you get curious and click on some links.

Having said that, most of us here have been to pro-ana sites of some sort, I am assuming. Most of us here have had fluctuating weights, from maybe anorexic to overweight to normal. But how would you feel if you were the ideal thinspiration image that many girls looked up to on these websites? How would it make you feel if your thin body was a motivation for girls to lose weight?

This question is geared more towards people who have been at an anorexic weight, or are currently at an anorexic weight, but anyone can respond.

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Do any of you aspire to be therapists, counselors, doctors, writers or anything else like that in the ED recovery field one day?

I am in college, majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology. I tend to get my MSW and then work with those in recovery. Obviously, this is related to my own issues.

Anyone else have ED related career goals? And do feel you can help others if you are not fully healed yourself? I have gotten varying responses to that question. Do you feel working with them may be triggering? I did ask my own therapist if that was common.

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Skinny celebrities that causes binging

Hi, this is my first post although I have been a member of this community and have been reading posts for the past few weeks. Although, I was never an anorexic weight, I would say that I was EDNOS with restricting/exercise bulimic tendencies. For the past month I have tried to eat normally but that in turn caused me to start binging (it's all control or no control). Anyway, today they had a segment on Startv that featured celebrities and eating disorders. They talked about stars like Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mary Kate Olsen and Mischa Barton who were promoting negative body images etc and how they were most likely starving themselves to the point of death. Before, seeing skinny people and celebrities would trigger me to restrict but after seeing that, it triggered a full out binge. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Posted in my private journal tonight:

My therapist -- she's an eating disorder specialist in downtown Austin -- told me to make a list of things I want to do, but always put off doing until I "am skinny again" and told me to pick two of those things and do them THIS WEEK. Mine this week are:

1) dress however I want to without worrying about my body
2) take pictures for friends and family like I used to

Being chubby now doesn't mean I or my life should be any different from when I was skinny. It's just tissue and bone. It doesn't make me more or less deserving of the things I used to enjoy.

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