May 25th, 2006


First of all I should say hello. Introduction? Erm, my name is Emma, I'm 16. I've never posted in this community before, since I've never had anything suitable to post. I'm still not sure if this is alright, but one way to find out....

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Thanks to anybody who replied. I've taken all opinions and suggestions into consideration and you helped me come to a kind of compromise. I'll come here next time I want an intelligent response too :)
abbey pink

Inpatient vs. outpatient treatment for AN

While searching for articles for a paper I'm writing, I came across something I found interesting. I've included it under the cut, but for those of you who have time for just a skim read, I'll summarise:

The article outlines a study done on the weight-gain of two sets of patients: 23 patients recovering at in inpatient facility, & 23 recovering through an intensive outpatient program. Mean length of illness, age, age of onset, & percentage of body weight lost were matched. The outcome showed that the patients treated within an inpatient facility re-gained weight faster than their counterparts; no surprises. The interesting point is that the outpatients gained back only 1.4% of their bodyweight (as opposed to 15% in the inpatient group), & some even lost weight: thus, treatment on an outpatient basis may be even longer & more costly than on an inpatient basis.

Now, I'm from Australia, & I haven't had many problems with insurance companies covering inpatient treatment. However, I've heard from alot of you from America that insurance is a bit of a joke when it comes to eating disorders. So, my question is: firstly, have you had any problems getting insurance for inpatient treatment for your eating disorder? & secondly, for those of you treated as outpatients, do you think it is as effective as inpatient treatment?

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