June 7th, 2006


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Do you have a yearly pattern?

I was going really well throughout may and now it's june suddenly i've gotten back into my mad binging habit again. Looking back over archives in this LJ this has happened the last 3 Junes after a pretty good May. I also always lose weight in January and i'm going really well and then in February i snap and gain it back. Same in September. I wonder does anyone else notice an eating pattern like that? I wonder what causes it...

hands down i'm too proud for love

Weather and appetite

How does weather impact how and what you eat?

For example, some people eat less when it's humid outside, or they eat lighter, less dense foods. Does the body digest food in a different way depending on the temperature?


Body Preference in Others?

Here's something I was thinking about. I don't believe it's been asked before, so if it has, feel free to let me know and I'll delete this post.

For those of you with eating disorders, what sort of body shapes are you drawn to in your partners? What are you attracted to? Thin like you strive to be, average, muscular, or even thick? Smaller than you, about the same, larger?

Personally, I could never bring myself to date anyone thinner than me, or even as thin. I have this need for my partner to be larger than me; my last boyfriend was even on the chubby side. I need to be small, tiny, in comparence.


Well let me rephrase a little... do you think your eating disorder affects who/what you are attracted to? I mean, does it have an influence in the way of... they need to be thin because that's beautiful, or they need to be large because you have to be much smaller, etc.