June 14th, 2006


It suffices to say that ED's are a little more than addicting. And from what I've been reading around here, many of us have other compulsions as well. What I'm curious about, is how many of you have drug compulsions/addictions. I have had severe problems with cocaine in the past, as it completely eliminates appetite, or at least in my case. I still am a heavy pot smoker, as well. This isn't the whole idea, though. My main question is, do you think that having a certain addiction before the eating disorder can cause the development of one? Or vice versa? Is it another aspect of the OCD/addictive personality traits of eating disordered people?
I would love to have some other insight on this. This community has such diverse/interesting/thoughtful perspectives. :D
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Eating Disorder Cycle

We were talking about the eating disorder cycle in group a while ago. One of the therapists drew a schematic on the board to illustrate what she was talking about. I thought it was helpful, so I replicated it. Did I do an awesome job, or what?


This is based on CBT for eating disorders.

As you can see, once you get in the infinite loop of Thought (negative) -> Mood (negative) -> Behavior -> Thoughts etc., you are trapped. I liken it to a big vortex trying to suck me down.
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(Feel free to delete this post if it is not relevant enough for this community)

I've had stomach upsets lately. My Mum got so worried that she went on the internet & looked up a series of things on stomach ulcers (her observation is stress, in conjunction with my ED which is very well known to her) and together we have been trying to figure out what has been causing them.

FACTS I KNOW/relation to me
1. Anorexics, proven fact, will feel full/sick in the stomach after such a small amount of food, as their body is not used to eating. I've been in 'physical recovery' (maintaining an 'underweight' weight) and have done so for around 8 months eating what would be considered a normal quantity of food. Still, especially at certain times, I am so full I feel I could throw up. Prior to this, I was maintaining a simular weight, but on less food/calories.

2. I have abnormal integestion patterns to begin with: severe reflux as a child - basically I am making the point that as someone with a smaller than average stomach, medically since birth, have to be careful with swallowing, etc.

3. You should wait AT LEAST 1 hour before exercising after eating.

Cause/Question: I had a can of tuna & a large apple, and a cheese stick (note as this is 'acidic'/could cause stomach upsets) at about 1:45pm, and went on a very fast power walk at about 3pm. Whilst I was walking, my stomach was jiggling. I felt full after the food, but not as full as AFTER I got back from the walk. My stomach would have doubled in size over the course of the walk. I had my shower & the afternoon tea I 'have' to have and it didnt improve (this was a yoghurt), and it has not completley gone away. It will not go away till the morning when my stomach becomes flat (ish). I felt like I was going to throw up with anything I put in my mouth: yet my stomach didn't feel heavy, it felt full, gased up, etc. Has anyone experienced this?
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Disclaimer: I'm sorry that this entry mostly discusses bping and restricting, but those are my experiences, and this is kind of something I was just wondering about while in the shower. Also, whenever I use "we," I am mostly referring to the general public.

Do any of you folks with depression noticed a change in your depressive patterns with how your ED manifests? When I was restricting, I was a quiet depressive. I would have panic attacks, but I was relatively "calm."

But when I was purging, I was wild. I had breakdowns almost every day, and would freak out at the drop of a hat. I once spent an entire night and day refusing to come home, and would spend an hour crying if someone suggested I did. I wasn't fun crazy either, I did stuff to keep my mind off of my own problems, up until my problems showed up and I had no idea what to do with them, so I'd just cry until bed (or whatever else came first).

In the same terms, different eating disorders are sometimes viewed as either "good" or "bad." Anorexia is typically viewed as a "good" ED, because it's not so messy, the person is viewed as wasting away. Bulimia, however, often involves vomit and/or feces, and is a messy ED.

Do you think that behavioral patterns are influenced by eating disorders, or do you believe eating disorders are influenced by behavioral patterns?

Personally, I think it's both. A perfectionist seeking control may develop an eating disorder, whereas someone with an eating disorder may believe their life is falling apart, and start to fall apart with it.