June 16th, 2006


beauty standards

there was a post a short while ago on this community that asked if your ED had any effect on your choice of partner, but this is only a small part of the question i'm asking. it comes in a few parts.

what are your standards for beauty?

more specifically-

1. what body type is most attractive to you, physically? for the female form, and for the male form. do you prefer the greek or roman god body type, with muscles and weight? do you prefer the emaciated look? or do you prefer to look at the body types of people who are at healthy weights, perhaps with even a few extra pounds?

2. do you believe that your ED, if you suffer from one, has any effect on your perception of beauty standards? what about popular media- does it effect what you believe to be the perfect body type?
2a. if you have an ED, and remember your preferences before and after its inception, have you noticed any changes in the way you perceive beauty? before the ED, did you believe that a certain body type was more beautiful than after you remember developing the ED?

3. do you believe that there is a "perfect" body type?
3a. if you have an ED, are you trying to achieve that body type? is it literally impossible?

4. within your culture, what is the 'norm' for beauty standards? do your beliefs fit into this norm or do you feel your perception of beauty is different?

5. do you have anything else to say about beauty standards? feel free to bring up any ideas or opinions you have about popular media, personal thoughts, biology or psychology, or anything you've learned about beauty.

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hands down i'm too proud for love

"EDucate" - My opinion

I am a big fan of this community, there's no question about that. However, I feel like in order to "truly" EDucate ourselves, we need to be asking more questions about ourselves, and to each other. For example, someone can ask "What is your ideal body size?" but do we ever ask "WHY is that your ideal body size?". Or what about, "Do you believe that being thin means you're a better person?" (Why? How did this idea come to be?). If we want to truly discover new things about ourselves and our society - which no doubt plays the larger role in our EDs - then we would be asking WHY, why why.

Even if questioning your own life makes you uncomfortable, I feel like most things we learn entail some level of discomfort - whether it doesn't make sense, or if it's unclear, or if we can't see an immediate connection. There is a lot of discomfort involved in asking questions sometimes, too, because you might look bad, or you might be wrong god forbid, but that shouldn't have to be a negative thing. A good friend of mine put it well when he said: "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable".

I am not pointing fingers at anyone so don't even think about it! I just feel like we can all make life (and this community) a lot more educational/truthful/interesting when we ask questions and ask questions about those questions. And obviously not every post needs a "why" or "how" question (pardon me for sounding like a teacher), but from my own experience, "why" and "how" are the most important words I have learned in the English vocabulary.

So I guess I have a question to ask you all, out of curiosity and relevance: Why are you apart of the ED_ucate community? What attracts you here?