June 28th, 2006

first time poster...delete if this isn't what the community is looking for

To those of you who suffer from EDNOS, bulimia or COE...do you ever feel that you don't have a "real" eating disorder?  I'm bulimic, and I've thought this on numerous occasions.  If I wanted to lose weight, I'd stop bingeing, right?  I binge/purge every single day.  Each and every time, I tell myself it's my last time.  Anorexics have lost weight, and their fear of weight gain is mediated by their self-starvation.  I feel like my only problem is self-control.  I'm embarassed by my bulimic acts, and feel that it is a character flaw more than anything.  
In my mind, there is almost a hierachy in the categories of eating disorders, with anorexia on top. 

I'm not saying that bulimia or coe aren't real eating disorders.  But does it ever feel that way?  And for anorexics:  what do you think of bulimics and those with coe who want desperately to lose weight, but for the most part, never become underweight or reach their "goal weights"?  For anorexics who binge/purge, do you feel "less" than those who only restrict?