June 29th, 2006


When a big celebrity tells the public that they've had an eating disorder before, what do you guys think? Do you guys think it helps bring up awareness or actually glamorizes eating disorders?

I for one get really annoyed when they say something. I feel that people either won't take it seriously or little girls will see their favorite movie start or whatever and see ED's as something as petty as a fashion statement. I don't know why, but sometimes I feel like it gives regular people with ED's a bad name. When a celebrity says something, I actually become more ashamed about my problem.

What do you guys think?

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Wow...I really loved all the responses from my last post.  I didn't expect my mailbox to have comments in the 30s!!  It provided a lot of insight, and now I feel more comfortable posting:)

This is on recovery:

What do you think about recovery?  

For those who don't want to recover, do you feel that keeping your eating disorder makes you in a way "better, stronger, more unique" than those who seem to accept the idea of recovery almost  instantly?  Do you think that those who accept recovery didn't have as many issues as you to begin with?  Do you feel that if you recover you will be seen as too simple of a person?  Do you find comfort in being complex?  

What about those who WANT to recover, but struggle?  Do you feel weak? (especially if you have been suffering longer)  

Do you ever feel vain for having your eating disorder?  Selfish?  

Besides gaining weight, what about recovery scares you the most?  If you have recovered, what helped you the most?   What was the biggest barrier?

In IOP, I met a mother with two young daughters.  She was so sick, I just thought it was tragic that she was still struggling and wondered what held her back.  I don't think I want this eating disorder for the rest of my life...the thought terrifies me.  At the same time, I feel the need to prove I am more than a compulsive bulimic.  Anyway, the woman eventually went 2 months inpatient.  She says she's doing much better:)

Whew.   A million questions, sorry.


Willingness to Change

Originally posted in my blog. We did this exercise in group. We each made our own list of things that we were working on changing. It helps you to identify where you might want to put more effort. And not because it's low in any of the scales, but rather where you are most willing and able. For example, I have successfully kicked the weighing habit. I even refused to have the doctor's office weigh me the last time I was there.

Willingness to change

What do I want to change? How motivated am I? How willing am I? What do I think my chances of success are?
1=least, 1o=most
-exercise regulary311
-no more binging755
-no more restricting*10810
-keep food log515
-stop weighing myself 10910

*No More Restricting
Why is my willingness to stop an 8 and not a 10? I still want to lose weight.
Why isn't my willing to stop restricting a 5? Restricting leads to binging, leads to purging behaviors, leads to restricting, leads to binging, and unending spiral into the black depths of the eating disorder.

Why is my willingness a 5 and not a 7? Still want to lose weight, still kinda like feeling hungry and the sense of power that gives me. I want my willingness to be higher, but it isn't.
Why not a 3? 3/2 keeps me from restricting and keeps me healthy.

The stop weighing one is interesting. I think a year ago my motivation would have been a 3, my willingness a 1, and my success a 1. It's nice to see some progress and gains from all this work.

Diagnose question

I don't understand why people feel that it's ok to mis-diagnose yourself. I mean, this girl was calling herself anorexic(well, she used the dreaded term "ana")just because she had skipped a few meals or something. Me and another girl politely informed her that it is Anorexia, not "Ana" and that she was technically ED-NOS because she did not meet all the requirements for textbook anorexia. Then all of a sudden it turned into WW III!!! Everyone was saying that we shouldn't have said anything and that if she wanted to misdiagnose herself, then it was ok. They basically said that being misinformed was not bad! They felt that by us telling her what anorexic really was that we were belittling her problem and that we didn't really know what it was like to have problems of our own.

Ugh, it just pisses me off when people do that! They think just because I may already be thinner than them that I don't know what it's like to have an actual eating disorder or that I never knew what it was like being overweight. Talk about belittling.

How do you guys deal when someone denies that you have an actual problem? Have you ever had anyone tell you they were actually jealous of your "progress" just because you were thinner than them? How do you guys feel when people let others misdiagnose themselves?

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(As always, checked the memories, but if I'm mistaken and it's already been posted, go ahead and delete. =))

Is binging (accompanied with purging or not) always triggered, as such, from malnutrition / starvation? Or can it be an emotional thing?
Is there any 'emotional outlets' that you do to aviod 'emotional binging' (if there is such thing.) I suppose it's different for the individual & the context / situation.

... discuss!

- Gemma
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