July 5th, 2006


Objective and Subjective Binges

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There are 2 different types of binges. From _The_Overcoming_Bulimia_Workbook_ by McCabe, McFarlane, and Olmsted.
Objective Binges:An Objective Binge involves eating, within a specific period of time (usually less than 2 hours), an amount of food that is considered large compared to what most people would eat in the same situations.
(comments by Jen: Large = 2000 calories and up. 10000 calories is not unusual. There are times when healthy eaters will eat 2000 calories in one sitting.)

Subjective Binges:A Subjective Binge occurs when a person eats and feels out of control, but the amount of food consumed is not large.
(comments by Jen: like a grape. The idea here is that the eating session is perceived as a binge by the person eating. Yes, it's a distortion, but it is still a binge.)

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has anyone heard of the treatment approach of maudsley for anorexia? what has been their experience with it and how does it work with bulimia...i think its shit, but thats just me

oh and also...if bulimia is a psychological disorder and people take prozac for it and the symptoms subside does that count as getting better since its not really a change in thought process but more of a change in brain chemicals....it seems like a temporary fix, if you come off of it and do worse then arent you kind of stuck for life? whats been ur experience with antidepressants, i was on prozac for a while and things got a little better, not due to the meds though, and then i quit because i read somewhere it caused weight gain and now ive reached the end of its half life and im practically going manic, probably not the smartest thing to do