July 6th, 2006

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Hi girls and boys!

Okay, so I was wondering....

Question: Why do people think that being open with you're eating disorder also means showing off, or bragging?

By being open I mean, not afraid or hesitant to answer questions you're friends ask, things like that. I don't mean being the poster child for eating disorders in you're town, though. Just being open with it and telling the truth when people ask you questions.

I know I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I'm always afraid people will asume I'm proud of it, you know?

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My therapist from last year described an eating disorder like an "abusive lover."  At that time, I didn't really pay attention to that comment.  I thought it was weird.  I nodded to feign support of her idea.  But now, the more I think about it, the more true it seems to be.

We let our eating disorder voices tell us lies.  We listen to our ED, and believe that things will be better.  Our bodies are tortured.  Our feelings are invalidated.  ED tells us that we are worthless.  We are never enough.  Our bodies are punished over and over again.  Yet, we grasp onto ED.  We think that ED will protect us--just give him time.  Things will change.  Things will get better.  I'm just not trying hard enough to please ED...it's my fault I'm not happy.     

I guess in a way, our eating disorder is like an abusive lover.  We crawl back to ED even when we're hurt. 

What does everyone think about this comparision?


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What feature or body part do you think is the predominant factor in a non-eating disordered person labelling someone as skinny? Why do you think that is?


Me: i think it is skinny arms. I know many actresses others think are skinny whom are kinda normal sized with biggish hips or even a stomach but they have thin arms/shoulders. Collarbones can stick out on anyone but i think thin arms are more likely to lead people to label someone as skinny. 

Why? I guess most people don't go around looking at people's legs or whatever that are often hidden but arms can be clearly seen and it is a place people often lose weight first.

What is the main feature or body part you look at when deciding if someone is skinny or not?

I usually notice their legs and then i check to see if they have a stomache because often people are naturally thin but eat crap and put on weight around their middle.