July 11th, 2006


Mechanical Eating

Mechanical eating is what my therapists call it. Basically, it’s a 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks food plan. The medical research supports the 3 snacks option as being more successful, but most of the people in my group have trouble with 3 meals and 2 snacks (3/2). And even I, who is mostly trying really, really hard to do what they tell me, haven’t been able to go to 3/3. I just don’t want a snack after dinner. Of course, my m.o. has always been to eat in the morning and not eat at night which I think is reversed from most bulimics.

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Anyone else trying to do mechanical eating? Have you been successful? Can you do it at all?


Question. When people you are very close to(friends leaving for college, moving for jobs, whatever) move/leave how does your disorder/you react to "abandonment"? Do you eat more, eat less? Do you find a compulsion to look different when they come back? or just want to hide under the covers and die?
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