July 14th, 2006

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Two or three years into my eating disorder, I also began to restrict my water content. If I was restricting my food intake, I would usually be much harsher on the amount of water I would allow myself to drink.  (Meaning that I would only allow myself to drink a certain amount of water a day.) When I had a blood test my doctor told me I was dehaydrated, which was when I realized my restriction of water.  Sometimes I would drink say 3 glasses of water a day, and then go on "water binges" in which I would drink half a gallon of water almost without stopping.
But, I do this no matter if I am binging or restricting. 
I'm thinking it correlates somehow with the need for control, as well as the need to not properly take care of my body.

Has anyone else gone through this?

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I was watching that MTV True Life: I have OCD thing today and it got me wondering.

I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but do you think that people with OCD are more likely to develope and eating disorder or vise versa? I've had OCD since I was very little, but it wasn't always an issue that was part of my eating problems. It didn't really start till I was older and I would only eat food if it looked a certain way. Example: any meat product i ate had to be a perfect square and I woould only eat it if it was smack in the middle of my plate. Or things had to be lined up on my plate or else I didn't feel like I was ready to eat it.

So do you people with OCD or OCD tendencies feel that your need for order and control ended up affecting your eating?
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Eating Disordered Athletes

So, I scrolled through all the discussion topics and I didn't remember seeing a thread like this, so please link me if I'm wrong because I know there's a ton of info in the memories that I could have missed :)

I'm curious to hear your thoughts/input/stories on being an athlete with an eating disorder. That's pretty much all. I just kind of want to know how athletes with eating disorders, or FORMER athletes with eating disorders deal with well, stuff relating to athletics and eating disorders. Ha, obviously.

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I was reading the newspaper today and came across the second article in the past couple of weeks, about eating disorders. I live in Scotland, and I was quite frankly disgusted by the state of facilities here. I believe my eating disorder was only treated because I wasn't going to school and I was dangerously self-harming, so they had to put me in some kind of programme to keep me safe and it was only recognised when I brought attention to it. Although I wasn't pleased with the treatment they gave me (the only thing they did was to put me on an eating plan - which wasn't checked on - and try to ignore it) I didn't argue because at the time, I didn't realise this wasn't right. This has become more apparant since I recieved a copy of my case notes and taking action on my weight loss wasn't even part of my review sheets (they wrote plans on what to work on with me.)

It really worries me to think that if I need any treatment in the future, I will have to starve myself to 80lbs before even being considered for a referral to an adult unit (I have since turned 18).

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Reading it makes me want to go and set up my own unit here!
Are there any other Scots here that have recieved bad treatment? Or from anywhere else for that matter?