July 31st, 2006

opinions about your appearance

So I know that most of us hate our bodies...that is obviously part of an eating-disorder. And, since our body is a large contributor to how we look, most of us probably do not like how we look as a whole, too. But, aside from your actual body/weight/desire to be thinner, what, if anything, do you like about how you look? Is there a particular reason? For instance, although I wish I were twenty pounds fewer and think "that would make everything better," I actually like my looks aside from my body. I like my hair, my eyes, my freckles. I like my A sized chest. Even things I don't like (my hands, my pale-ness) I don't mind too much...they don't bother me. Does your hatred of your body extend to your whole physical appearance? This may sound weird or slightly arrogant (I'm not meaning it that way), but is it unusual that I like how I look minus my body?