August 2nd, 2006

bloodletting burns calories?

This is a rather out there question that crossed my mind. I tried google but came up with nothing.

So, my question is, if you lose some blood, your body is going to make more, right? And wouldn't it need to burn some sort of energy/calories to make more? Like, you can't just make something out of nothing. Do you lose calories donating blood?

edit: sincere apologies

(Guilty as charged)

Perhaps it's a badge of honour that I made a post that had to be deleted...sorry mods! anyways, I"m rephrasing my question in a way that I hope my mangled brain decides fits the criteria (that made no sense, i'm sorry, i'm rambling).

What are your experiences with heart murmers? Has anybody had one? Did the doctor's say if it's a result of your disorder? Has it gone away with time?

(for me, they told me I had one 2 years ago, but nobody's mentioned anything since when they listen to my heart, yet i still get chest pains. and yes i have seen a doctor).