August 3rd, 2006



An article that caught my attention in one of the gossip magazines [Closer, for those of you that live in the UK]

It has photos of the girl & Posh with it that I can scan if people want them.

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Should celebrities be responsible for the image they project? - & how largely responsible should they be? You can't introduce rules & regulations telling people how much to weigh, where they can be seen, how much they can drink, when they can be out until..

&& finally - do you think articles such as this one that appear in magazines are helpful in raising awareness or will the message be lost as the magazines introduce gimmicky slogans "weight shocker!" & "man-orexics!" being ones I've seen recently.. this article, in particular, appears in a magazine that is criticising both Britney Spears, for being pictured eating junk food
[she's PREGNANT ffs, leave the poor woman alone o___0 ] Nicole Ritchie and Keira Knightly for being too thin, and is advertising a new "celebrity diet".

Take care. xx