August 4th, 2006

Desire to recover

Do you think the following statement bears some truth? I thought it would be interesting to discuss/evaluate.

"Most anorexics, initially, resist recovery because it means that they must GAIN weight (among other reasons).
On the other hand, many bulimics and binge eaters/ compulsive over-eaters desire recovery because in a lot of cases this will involve LOSING weight."

I overheard someone saying this. I think it's interesting that whether you want to recover or not, it's hard as hell either way. Also, I acknowledge that there is a myriad of other reasons why someone would/would not want to recover.
  • 15yrs

You can laugh, I understand this is humorous.

I masturbate to burn calories. The sexual satisfaction is irrelevant, rather - the pleasure I receive,
is knowing that the climax assists my efforts to sink beneath one hundred pounds. I do so regularly.

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Discussion: Have Folks in the audience ever performed auto-erotic behavior [masturbation] for the mere purpose of burning calories? Has any one engaged in sexual activity with their committed partner or a partner in sole purpose to replace needed exercise; that is, without desiring sexual pleasure, but to satisfy their eating disordered mentality [pleasure was secondary, or nonexistent, to the Primary reason of diminishing Your calorie count]?