August 5th, 2006

Dealing with parents

So today my mom came home from Boston after being away for 2 weeks. Now, every night she's asked if i've been feeding myself ok and i've said yes. for the most part I am, but I've still lost 3 pounds. Not really deliberately, I honestly think it just happened. but I have been having a hard time while she's been gone. Now, she got back today and yelled at me for an hour for not watering the plants (I did, they died anyways cause it was hot out), for baking a cake (i never knew that dessert was a crime) and for other such measly things. She didn't notice I'd lost weight, and never seemed to realize that I'm more depressed than usual or that anything's wrong. She's seemed to assume that once my therapist said I was recovered, I"m recovered permanently, and she doesn't really notice if something's wrong. When I was developing my ED, she said she noticed it but didn't do anything becuase she "wasn't sure," and she didn't take me to the doctor right away only because she knew I didn't want to go. Essentially, she was of no help whatsoever, and I'd even say she made it worse.

A question for everybody: how have your parents responded to your disorder? Do they help you recover, or perpetrate the disease? Do they know about it? Are you honest with them?