September 9th, 2006

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Scene article, "The Vanishing Act"

If you live in the US, you've probably seen a free newspaper in stands that has local news - mostly stuff the bigger newspapers won't carry, kind of an 'indy' newspaper. It also includes Savage Love - a weekly article by Dan Savage that I'm sure everyone in the entire world has heard of, if not, you're missing out!

In Denver, it's the Westword (or Westward, I can't remember), in Colorado Springs, it's The Independent. In Ohio, it's called the Scene. As far as I know, they never have the same articles aside from Savage Love and any other nationally printed articles.

While I was in Ohio for a week, I picked up the Scene because I love these papers, and the cover had an interesting article mentioned - The Vanishing Act, by Rebecca Meiser. "Inside the secret world of girls who are proud to be anorexic".

It also mentions Xanga and Livejournal communities (they mention something called "real thin", I think they're referring to _realthin). Also a few members, but it never specifies who - unless you can put together the clues, which, I can't.

I was all pissed that I was going to have to type it up, but I found the article online. It's long - 3 pages, and includes photos. Here it is:

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Hopefully I didn't mess anything up while pasting all that - let me know if something is wonky. Also, I think this is my first time posting here... sorry if I did something retarded. I tried, I really did. :x