September 19th, 2006

  • beepea

London Fashion Week

For those who don't know, the unnaturally thin model debate is still raging.

As well as being a general open question to see what everyone's thoughts/opinions are on the subject- I also wanted to ask something very important (which may be against the posting regulations- I'm so sorry if it is, but I hope an exception can be made, and this post can be deleted ASAP, but I need to try..)

So far, there has been no organise "protest" at the fashion week.

I think this would be an excellent time to ed_ucate those in London. I was considering presenting myself outside the entrance to the fashion week wearing a vest top which reads "am I fashionable yet?". The effect of my eating disorder is well reflected in my current body-weight and I am, personally, a firm believer that the fashion industry (although not being the only factor) played a significant role in rooting my eating disorder. I don't look to blame, meerly ed_ucate.

So aside from asking the question "what do you think about these suggested regulations?" I'd also like to know if anyone would be interested in helping me spread the word (maybe spread the message through other ED-recovery communities) about my idea for public ed_ucation?

Thank you all SO much.
No fear

Ooo my first post here!

Someone on my friends list drew my attention to this link:

Basically, HP have invented cameras with a little slidey thing so that you can make the person in the photo appear smaller/thinner than they actually are. 

I'd like to know what everyone thinks. I'm assuming most people will feel the same as me, but it's good to know opinions. A friend of mine has already said something I wasnt expecting and hadnt really considered, so yeah, discuss!
  • alice_l

(no subject)

Hello all,

I work for a popular norther american chain store that sells ice cream and sweets exclusively since the onset of my eating disorder. While restricting, I distracted and disgusted myself by counting the amount of calories within the store at any given time (distractions, distractions) and feeding others (one of life's greatest pleasures) with food from the store.

Nowadays, I'm in a particularly tough spot in my disorder and often find myself instantenously bingeing on sweets the moment I walk into the place. Having to maintain a professional attitude is tough when I am jamming my mouth full of tarts, for the entire shift. I feel really very confused, I dont want to leave this job but right now it feels like it's the only way, especially if there is any hope of recovery.

for discussion: have any of you had any experience in the food industry throughout your disorder and what were your experiences? Have you had to quit and find work elsewhere in another field or could you work through it and if so how did you do it?