September 22nd, 2006

just wondering...

Does anyone else feel like their psychologist has done more harm than good?

5 years ago (when I was 15) I went to a psychologist that diagnosed me with anorexia nervosa. After months of me barely talking and refusing treatment my parents set up a meeting to basically make sure their money wasn’t being wasted. The psychologist then explained to my parents that:

1.) I wanted attention. (I actually wanted to disappear or be invisible. I wanted the least amount of attention possible)

2.) I wanted to be in control. (I didn’t care about the control aspect, I liked the confidence that came with being a certain size and if you analyze everyone doesn’t each person some how want to be “in control.”)

3.) I probably wanted to stay a child. (no. I associated thinness with being a beautiful woman and thought it was what every adult strived for.)

4.) I didn’t have a good understanding of sex and might be scared of it. (at the time I was as sexually active, if not more than everyone else my age.)

And the list goes on..

Obviously she wasn’t this straight forward but you get the basic idea.
My parents then tried to do everything they could to give me attention, explain sex, etc.. and I remember being mortified. Consequently, I did not recover for years because I was forced to resort to the only coping mechanism I knew of.

Today my friend told me that he wants to be a psychologist and I found myself asking him why he would waste his time.

I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar, or similarly horrible experience with their doctors.