September 26th, 2006

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Hey ladies and men- <3

Today I was in school, and just finished using a bathroom stall. Before I left, however, I noticed something carved in the toliet paper dispencer. PRO-ANA. In all caps, of course.
After weeks of having an extremely bad time with my e.d, I was instantly annoyed and over sensitive. I wanted to cry and to screech. So I settled on revising it.

I crossed out "ANA" with my pencil, and wrote "Recovery". Afterwards though, I wasn't sure if I should have written anything at all, but I know I'd be mad at myself if I hadn't.
I felt bad for the girl who had written that, because even if she was annoying enough (in my opinion) to write "Pro-Ana", she must be dealing with some sort of pain, so its like I bonded with who ever had written it. As dumb as that sounds. Ha.

I so suprised to find written today. Even I knew other people in my high school must have eating disoders (they're are so many kids in my school), I had never seen proof that anyone was in the same situation as me.

Have any of you saw proof that someone else in you're school has or might have an eating disorder? How did you react?

I'm a little out of it this week, so I apologize if the entry reflects that.



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