October 1st, 2006

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Afternoon ladies (and gents), I want to talk about skin. Please delete if inappropriate or let me know what would be a better way to bring this topic up so it fits.

It isn't new knowledge that the eating disordered are malnourished. Hair loss, brittle bones, the shakes, etc. What I'm struggling with most right now is how fragile my skin is. I can't even shave without cutting the shit out of myself (that's a whole lot of blood). This is disgusting, but remember Cabin Fever when the diseased girl is shaving her legs in the bath and her skin just peels right off? And then there's the whole dry, crocodile skin thing. I'm so tired of being sick it's ridiculous.

So what I want to discuss is the effects you've noticed to your skin due to your eating disorder. How does it make you feel, and what do you do to try to hide it? Does it encourage you to recover or just prove you're really sick?

Also, do you have any links to studies or articles about this? Here's what I found; it's not much.
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I'm doing a research review/proposal for my Health Psych class this semester and I'm fairly sure of my topic, but I thought I'd get some immediate and first-hand feedback to see if this is as pervasive as I think it is.

"Branch and Eurman (1980) conducted a survey of friends and relatives of patients with AN to understand social attitudes toward the patients' appearance and behaviors. Although respondents expressed concern, 50% reported envy of the patient's self-control and discipline concerning food. Further, friends and relatives were more likely to endorse positive than negative statements concerning the patient's appearance: slender (58%), neat (83%), well groomed (100%), and fashionable (100%) versus skinny (8%), haggard (8%), and emaciated (8%)" (Keel, Pamela K., Eating Disorders. Prentice Hall. New Jersey, 2005.)

Beyond the media (which I don't necessarily want to get into, that's such a huge and vague issue), do you agree? Do you think the social feedback you receive for losing weight even by extreme or damaging means is generally positive? It's been mentioned that a lot of EDs begin with a diet- once it got clearly bad, did you still get admiration for willpower and being thin? What do you think about the backlash in Spain?

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 Hey guys! 

  Forgive me if my topic is too much like the one a few posts below (
http://community.livejournal.com/ed_ucate/758264.html?view=14230264#t14230264), but its been on my mind for the last few days.

 Next week I am seeing a person who just recently knows of my eating disoder. I'm worried that it might be akward and he might be very carefully watching what and how I eat. I know in the past, when I've told someone about my e.d or they had already known, I tend to act a lot more eating disordered. I eat less because I'm afraid the person will not believe the severity of my eating disorder. Or that the person will think that I was lying about my eating disorder to get attention. 

 Question: Do any of you tend to act differently around someone who knows about your eating disorder rather than someone who doesn't? Do you act more ill? 

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